Abnormal Loads

Kris Freight Logistics fleet transports abnormal cargo as well as project cargo with a load weight of up to 85 tonnes and irregularly shaped cargo. A range of modular and multi-axle solutions are offered to cater to almost any shape or size.

Project Management

Kris Freight Logistics has the skill set and drive to develop the solution that best fits your project. We understand the many facets that constitute a successful project methodology and are confident that we can provide a Tailor made solution to suit your project

dOur Project & Abnormal solutions include:

  • Pre-shipment Planning
  • Route Surveys
  • Cargo Inspection Services.
  • International Project Capabilities
  • Port handling
  • Lashing and Securing Cargo
  • Cargo staging solutions
  • Full or part vessel Chartering options
  • Mass and dimensional abnormality solutions
  • Cargo handling and rigging solutions
  • Abnorml Permits
  • Abnormal Vehicle escorts services